who we are


Assignments and Principles

The company was founded thanks to the founder and director Roberto Miele, who has gained significant experience in designing and implementing complex systems collaborating with international companies such as Abb Schneider Ge and others.

Studio tecnico Roberto Miele s.r.l proposes itself as a partner in all outsourcing situations in the field of turnkey, engineering, development of electromechanical solutions, construction of electrical panels and industrial automation even in Ex environments.

We develop innovative supplies designed and customized according to customer needs in many sectors and production areas We are specialists in creating innovative solutions for energy saving in industrial and civil plants. In the development phase of the project we use the best electrical and mechanical design software world leader for manufacturers of plants, machines and electrical panels such as EPLAN, elettra, acad. Our technicians are also constantly updated both with internal training and with external courses. Training takes place at Eplan locations or our other partners

The company’s mission is to find the correct solution to achieve the final goal on time by mediating what are the customer’s needs with the most advantageous technical / economic solution 

We have carried out particularly complex supplies such as (but not only)

– Engineering and design of the schematic and hardware architecture of the control for automated production lines for Electrolux (lengths of over 300 meters) commissioning assistance (with activities that included kuka robots, movifit sew safety inputs, drive .. and other devices)   

– turnkey solution for the supply of steel mill furnaces among the largest in Italy and Europe

– requirements and designs for mobile cabins in containers  

– design of schemes for hospital and clinics (Bicocca) 

– various

Our seat

The office has big room for meeting and different workstation for big volume of work

Activities and Services

The company carries out activities of:

  • Turnkey solutions for electrical distribution and automation
  • turnkey solutions for energy saving 
  • Revamping of medium and low voltage cabins
  • Process Engineering
  • Mobile and container cabins  
  • Engineering and solutions for energy saving and regenerative (e.g. inverter on ventilation
    smoke extraction etc.
  • Provision of turnkey solutions in EX environments
  • Industry 4.0 and tax credit
  • Design of electrical diagrams for machines and production lines industry 4.0, machine board included 
  • Design of diagrams of automation and electrical distribution panels
  • Design and construction of medium / low voltage substations
  • Diagrams and panels of automation and electrical distribution
  • Financial services for tax credit on tangible and intangible assets industry 4.0 plan
  • Engineers and order management
  • Revamping of medium cabins
  • Construction and installation of electrical panels
  • Modifications and interventions to existing panels already installed in the plant 
  • Mechanical design of both metal structures supports and kit adaptation electrical devices such as MV switches – BT disconnectors 
  • Design and construction of busbar ducts
  • What is not mentioned in this list but concerning the world of automation and electrical distribution

The software used are EPLAN / ELETTRA / acad / acad 3d solidworks etc.

Our main feature is flexibility

our supplies

  • Power & Energy: substations and cabins of medium and low voltage, with turnkey solutions
  • Oil & gas design for refining and transport plants of raw and refined materials
  • Industry: various steel mills in northern and central Italy
  • Food and bev: design and schemes for production lines for food preservation and processing supply machines 
  • Industry – helthcare industry 4.0 energy saving, requirements and projects for energy recovery systems 
  • Residential and home automation: design of schemes for hospitals, eg. Bicocca and other facilities 
  • Energy saving: transversal sector for energy recovery and energy saving on different devices such as smoke extraction, ventilation braking and other industrial processes, capacitive benches for energy saving