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Design of EPLAN P8 and electrical CAD diagrams for process automation and electrical distribution. Eplan P8 for all project phases.

Design and diagrams with electrical CAD EPLAN P8

The services offered by the studio also include electrical design with different software including Eplan. Eplan P8 is used for the design of our customers’ schemes and/or for our orders. The Eplan p8 software allows you to speed up the evaluation and implementation of the wiring diagram.


The electrical CAD and in particular Eplan are a platform to design the diagrams of electrical panels and machines. Thanks to the already preset macros, Eplan provides a basis for standardization. It is possible to extract both in the development phase of the project and in the final phase the project documentation such as material lists, terminal block, wiring tables and 3D drawing of the electrical panel. The process steps downstream of the design get all the necessary design information, from material procurement planning to plant start-up. All activities that we can follow as a society.

Thanks to Eplan it is also possible to design schemes in an interdisciplinary way both between automation and electrical distribution at the same time, without waiting for the completion of the engineering of one or the other party.

Always thanks to Eplan we can offer different services such as 3D drawings of the electrical panel or the machine in design, load or energy distribution and various functionalities

In the realization of the scheme and the project in agreement with the client we improve energy efficiency through measures dictated by experience and previous supplies.

Eplan is widely used in the design phases of the scheme, it represents the smartest and most frendly version of all our drawing and design software, automation diagrams and electrical panels

We create diagrams for:

  • distribution panels

  • panels for civil and hospital use with dali and supervision modules

  • power center panels

  • switchboards for ships

  • various applications

  • we create diagrams with Autocad or Eplan

    references: Bicocca hospital – Bergamo stadium – ships – chemical plants – steel mills

  • Various


We create diagrams for:

  • machine panels

  • robot switchboards

  • panels and cassettes on board machines

    architecture definition

  • graphic pages for software integration and schematics

  • we create diagrams with Autocad or Eplan

  • References: Electrolux Olma Leas and various in the field of industrial automation

We create diagrams for:

  • primary voltage switchboards

  • medium voltage secondary switchboards

  • medium voltage cabins

  • medium and low voltage cabin protection panels

  • References: Abb Siemens Ime miscellaneous…


We create diagrams for:

  • panels for synchronism generation and turbine control

  • braking and regeneration systems

    inverters and other applications

  • we create diagrams with autocad or eplan

  • References: Thyssenkrupp Siemens Schneider and various..