revamping turn key

Complete revamping and change management to the existing process Turn key in both medium and low voltage system

The study of the solution starts from the analysis of the existing situation and, in accordance with customer requests, we study the best application to contain the cost and limit the plant downtime
References: Siemens – miscellaneous steelworks


Once the inspection is completed, we carry out the mechanical project for the installation of the equipment. The studio uses the most modern means such as 3D drawing for volumes and programs for electrodynamic efforts

We define the changes to be made to the existing panels, we engineer the new supply panels and we create the necessary specifications for the realization limiting any plant downtime

At the end of the execution of the supply we take care of both the field tests and the restart the restart

We offer financial services for investment recovery and tax credit for:
capital goods controlled by supervisory systems (expires .. plc etc)
intangible assets supervision and modelling software) for the operation of production systems
financial services for tax credit recovery
Financial services are provided thanks to the registration of the holder in special registers and the management of the accreditation of the system